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There is physical fitness, and there is social fitness 
"KIOKU - friends for life" is a gym for creativity, active listening,
memory training and imagination development

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As life expectancy increases, so does the importance of finding ways to achieve successful aging. The starting point of the game "KIOKU Friends for Life" is that quality of life and longevity rely on meaningful relationships and a supportive social network.
Developmental studies of adults, such as Harvard's HSAD, highlight the crucial impact of these connections.

KIOKU is a platform where collaborative storytelling serves as a springboard for nurturing relationships, integrating social fitness as a fundamental component of successful aging. Thus, KIOKU becomes a valuable asset for social and health organizations, caregivers, and anyone committed to improving the social well-being of the elderly.

Play. Feel together.

Hundreds of elderly in Israel have learned to facilitate the game in social clubs, elementary schools, home visits, and other models. These practical circles strengthen community bonds and support interpersonal connections. This approach offers a comprehensive action to combat loneliness and promote mental well-being, improve social fitness, and expand social networks within communities.

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KIOKU everywhere - the hybrid experience

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KIOKU also offers a hybrid version that enables meaningful interaction regardless of geographical distance. "Hybrid KIOKU" opens up possibilities for connecting with family and friends around the world – anytime, anywhere.

Well-being: A study on KIOKU won first prize
at a conference in Japan 

A controlled study conducted in 2022 under the leadership of Professors
E. Bodner & Y. Barak showed that participants aged 61-94 experienced a significant decrease in feelings of loneliness and a significant increase in mental well-being after 12 guided KIOKU sessions. The study won first place at the International Gerontology Congress in Yokohama, Japan (IAGG, June 2023).

Multi-generational KIOKU

A group of children gathers around a KIOKU facilitator, and together they dive into a world of stories that transcend time and age, weaving an experience of laughter, wisdom, and adventure. This moment illustrates the essence of KIOKU: the power of storytelling and collaborative play. KIOKU creates a community where every participant, regardless of their life journey, can find joy, learning, and a sense of belonging.

How to play “KIOKU-FRIENDS for LIFE” (Hebrew)



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