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The KIOKU team

KIOKU Studio develops solutions and tools designed to cultivate and strengthen
social fitness, improve well-being and reduce subjective feelings of loneliness.

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Adi Segev

Content  Manager

Theater script writer and director, founder of the Dialogi® Method. Adi is an expert in the development of language teaching programs through dramatic/theatrical tools, with extensive experience directing theater groups for the elderly.

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Prof. Yoram Barak

Chief Scientist

KIOKU Studio’s Chief Scientific Officer and world-renowned psychogeriatrician. Prof. Barak is a Senior Fellow at the Brain Health Research Institute at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

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Roberto Chernitsky

General Manager

An educational technology expert and co-founder of the Dialogi® Method. Roberto is a computer engineer with a Master's degree in Education (Suma Cum Laude) and has published research on culture and language.

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